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Firefighters With Hearts

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About Sophie Sparks

Sophie Sparks is a prolific storyteller, devoting all her waking hours to penning spicy, curvy, second chance and alpha male romance. When not talking about herself in the third person (!!) Sophie can be found in a rural old-English village where she’ll be baking, reading, hiking, or – more often than not – hunched in the corner of her small office… writing.

With an ever-growing catalogue (updated weekly) Sophie provides her readers with the content they long to read. At least, that’s my wish.

In a world troubled by recent events, hopefully my heart-warming HEA stories offer a shining beacon of hope… with love ALWAYS winning the day.

Thank you sincerely for stopping by. Here’s hoping you enjoy my tales as much as I enjoyed writing them. And here’s hoping we each find that often elusive Happy Ever After in our own lives.