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CaesarFirefighters With Hearts

Aged thirty-six, I guess I thought the idea of ‘the one’ was just the stuff of fairy tales. But the night I walk into that rundown bar, my troubled heart knows that my whole world has just changed… forever.
Through the gloomy, smoky room, my eyes fall on her heavenly curves and I can barely breathe.
Gem. Her name tastes perfect on my lips. My jewel. My priceless Gem.
Even though I know she’s hiding something…
I want her.
I need her.
And I’ll happily spend the rest of my life trying to make her see what I see…

When he stoops his enormous frame to enter Bar Neo, he looks like he’s just walked off a Hollywood movie set.
Chiselled, rugged guys like Caesar aren’t supposed to be interested in girls like me. But, as I gaze at the impossibly huge muscles threatening to tear through his shirt, I can feel his bottle green eyes undressing me.
The way he says my name and how he defends my honour with the rude, drunk guy makes me feel like a princess.
Now he says he’s falling… and I believe him.
And I’m falling, too. Hard.
But I’m not sure he’ll feel the same way when he knows…


DillonFirefighters With Hearts

Aged thirty-seven, I honestly believed that people like me don’t deserve happiness. But all that changes when my heart is stolen in the time it takes to lift my head.

The stunning stranger with fiery red hair is walking behind the bride-to-be. Her dress accentuates her shapely hourglass figure and I can’t steal my eyes from her angelic curves.

I’m supposed to be leaving town soon. I’m supposed to head back home.

I want to listen to my heart. I want to spend my life looking into her emerald green eyes.

But it’s my fault she’s in hospital and maybe my dad was right all along. All I create is chaos and suffering. Maybe I should leave town after all…

I’ve seen it in movies. I’ve read about it in books. That inexplicable moment in time when a girl knows she’s met The One. And when Dillon Moore awkwardly introduces himself on the evening of my best friend’s wedding… I know I’m falling.

Combined with his masculine physique and six foot six inch frame, the way he looks at me melts my heart. An hour later, when we pull away from our magical first kiss… I see pain in his eyes.

Trapped deep behind the white teeth of his perfect smile, he’s hiding something. And when he bolts… I struggle to fight back a wave of tears.

I know I’m not wrong. I know this is as real as it gets. And I know he knows it, too.

But if he won’t admit it and just be honest with me, maybe it’s best if he does leave town…



JaydenFirefighters With Hearts

One hundred & eighty-seven. That’s how many lives I have personally saved during my ten years’ service as a firefighter.

Eighty-six. That’s the number of single women who have tried to contact me once they are safe.

One. That’s the number of women I have ever fallen in love with.

Carrying Lucy Richardson in my arms and delivering her safely to the waiting paramedic, I know something has changed inside me. Her sensuous curves, stunning blue eyes and cute smile haven’t left my heart and soul since the fateful moment when our worlds collided.

I know she’s engaged. I know I should walk away and never look back.

And despite somehow knowing she’s my soulmate, I know she can NEVER find out what I’ve done…

Everything in my messy life becomes so much clearer the day that my colleague and I are trapped inside the burning Bar Neo. Rescued and carried to safety in the impossibly strong arms of Jayden Sancho, I can see my future shining clearly in his dark, troubled eyes.

Now sleeping in the same room I left just six years ago, I’m back living with my parents and my aching heart longs to be in Jayden’s arms again.

When he finally takes me out I’m utterly hypnotised by his awesome, masculine physique and his rugged, cheeky smile.

But I hardly know anything about him. He seems to be hiding something.

And when I introduce him to my overbearing father, Jayden’s past threatens to split my whole world apart…


BlakeFirefighters With Hearts

As I walk hand-in-hand with the confident Penny Lloyd, the raw, natural magnetism between us is like nothing I’ve ever felt before. And with my mouth now just inches from the cherry lips of this curvy goddess… I know my whole world is about to change.

A second later, with the look in her stunning green eyes telling a very different story, she pulls away.

What are you running from? I wonder, watching her sensuous hips grow smaller as she exits the beach.

And when I find out what’s causing her so much pain, I’m not sure even I can fix it. But I’ll try…

Glancing back towards the beach, I can still see his enormous, masculine physique through the dense crowd of festival goers. Barely moving as he stares in my direction, Blake’s bulky biceps ripple and glisten against the ocean’s edge.

Pissed at myself and my current circumstances, I can’t believe I had to pull away from his perfect lips.

But he’s already said too much…

“Maybe in another life,” my lonely heart whispers to the hottest man I’ve ever had the good fortune to meet. “You deserve so much more than I can offer you.”

With Blake’s charisma and perfect white smile calming my frantic mind, I push away the all-consuming fear in my stomach and set off towards the hospital…

NoahFirefighters With Hearts

When our eyes lock through the crowded bar, I’m hypnotised by the long dark hair that falls above her hourglass figure and my heart melts.

With more than just lust dragging me towards this curvaceous goddess, I feel like I’ve known her all my life.

Soaking in the majesty of Jade’s emerald green eyes I suddenly realise it’s almost time for me to leave… again.

Making my excuses, I feel her gaze as I head home and curse my rotten luck… again.

I desperately wish things could be different. I need this girl in my life.

I just don’t know if it’s possible in my current situation. And I’m not sure it ever will be…

Having not spoken to him in six months, I start to think that maybe I’m wrong about the way Noah looks at me. Always leaving parties early and never working nightshifts at the station, my boss seems to think the mysterious firefighter is hiding something.

And then, soaking up some much-needed sun on Parfield beach, I hear his voice behind me. As I turn to face the giant of a man, I tingle as he gazes over my semi-naked, untouched body.

Later that evening, wrapped in his powerful arms out in the calm ocean, Noah’s expert, tender caress finally sets me free…

But it turns out my boss is right.He is hiding something. Something huge.

And neither of us can ignore the cloud of doubt it casts over our future together…

AidenFirefighters With Hearts

Randomly crashing a stranger’s wedding party six months ago was probably greatest decision I ever made. Because that’s where I first laid eyes on her… In every waking moment since, her dark hair, cute smile and heavenly curves have left an indelible mark on my heart and mind.

The truth is… Sasha Dickens is the only reason I’m here in Parfield.

When our eyes lock on the golden sands of Parfield’s annual beach festival, it feels just as it did six long months ago. And as I smile into her big brown eyes, I know she feels it too.

I want her. I need her. I’ve already fallen…

But will this stunning schoolteacher feel the same when she knows I have a five-year-old daughter?

Since returning from my cousin’s wedding six months ago, I see the torturous ghost of his face and awesome physique everywhere. Surrounded by handsome, rugged, Parfield firefighters… I’m secretly saddened not to find the green eyes of Aiden Cole smiling back at me.

But, like my silent prayers have all been answered, now he’s here, flashing the same cheeky grin that set fire my heart all those months ago.

I immediately have a feeling that whatever this is, the course of my whole life is about to change… permanently.

I’m both excited and terrified that he feels the same way I do…

No, my logical, well-reasoned mind tells me. Focus. I need to take care of my family right now.

The problem is, my smitten heart whispers, I don’t know if I can resist him. I think it’s too late…

FinnFirefighters With Hearts

As I run shirtless across the golden beach, my eyes are drawn to the stunning girl near the ocean’s edge. Her mocha skin and hourglass figure hypnotise me.

A few weeks later I see her again at my friend’s wedding. Looking impossibly beautiful as she elegantly walks behind the bride, my eyes and heart are magnetised to Mandy Davies’ feminine curves and cute, shy smile.

Later that evening, things seem perfect… Until I meet her stern, police officer father, Winston. From his overly-firm handshake and veiled threat, I immediately know that this guy isn’t exactly my biggest fan. But never in my wildest dreams did I think he would stoop so low and make life so impossibly difficult for me and his daughter.

The problem is… I won’t let anything keep us apart. And I won’t stop until the whole world sees her talent.

No matter what I stand to lose…

Seeing him and his statuesque, sculpted body is the only thing that takes my mind off the epic disaster of my current situation.

Having studied so hard for the past three years, I’ve just received news that I’ve failed my final exam. Questioning whether my heart is really set on a career in nursing, I just feel so lost and alone.

In the darkest, most confusing time of my twenty-three years on Earth, Finn Penrose is the only shining light.
And when he looks at me with those bring brown eyes, it’s as if he can see my soul. The Mandy Davies that I see through him is the girl I’ve always wanted to be.

Still scared to abandon my old life and follow my true calling, I know I can do anything with Finn by side.

But if my dad and his police buddies have their way… we’ll never be together.


HunterFirefighters With Hearts

I first saw her one month ago. Perched on a stone wall at the north end of Parfield beach, she simply sat there… watching us. With Melissa’s sensuous, feminine, hourglass figure haloed by the setting sun, I haven’t been able to get her from my mind since.

Now, just having left my friend’s wedding celebration to grab some fresh air, I stare deeply into her green eyes and can’t resist the overwhelming urge that pulls me to her cherry lips.

I can feel myself falling. Fast. And hard.

But, as I tease myself from her perfect lips and brush her soft cheek, my heart and mind are torn.

I can’t drag her into this mess…

“Why didn’t I meet you years ago?” my lonely heart cries, watching her heavenly curves disappear into the distance…

This kiss. This connection. This blissful feeling. This is the moment I’ve read and dreamed about for as long as I can remember.

But what the hell am I doing? My friend already told me that he’s a married man! And this is what married men do, right? When all is not well at home, they seek comfort in lonely girls who should know better.

But I’m not stupid or naïve. I’m about to qualify top of my class in computer science. I’m smart enough to know I should walk away…

“Run while you still can,” my logical mind screams as the rugged firefighter struggles to explain his awful situation.

“It’s already too late,” my stolen heart whispers.

With the moonlight shimmering in Hunter’s hypnotic eyes, my mind concedes defeat and I desperately hope I’m not about to make a life-changing mistake…

AshFirefighters With Hearts

Having seen things no man should ever see, I never really believed in true love or the one. But all that changed the day I first laid eyes on Emily Swinton.

Her long blonde hair, hypnotic green eyes and hourglass figure light a fire deep inside me. And I know she feels it too.

The path ahead is clear and paved with bliss… until the day when everything changes.

I’ve fought for my country in Afghanistan. I’ve saved countless lives as a firefighter.

But now, trapped inside this storm, all I can do is love her and try my best to fix this mess.

If she’ll let me…

Knowing me well enough to know I would never do it myself, my best friend Melissa literally forces me to speak to the ridiculously hot firefighter. I really didn’t think he would be interested in me, but within an hour on Parfield funfair, Ash Oswald fixes a part of me I didn’t even know was missing.

Things couldn’t have been going better. Until that day…

From the moment I smell smoke inside our office block, my whole world falls dark.

I know he wants to be there for me. I know he loves me. And I know he believes what he says.

But I don’t want to hold him back. He deserves to be happy.

Even if that means pushing him away and setting him free…

LoganFirefighters With Hearts

Okay. I’ll level with you. I love Christmas an unhealthy amount. While everyone else is lapping up the summer sunshine down on Parfield beach, I usually blast up the air con inside my art studio, wrap up warm and dive headfirst into my very own winter wonderland.

But this year is different. Since he walked into my life I can’t concentrate on anything and I’m behind on my orders. With his rugged good looks, intense dark eyes and playful charisma, firefighter Logan Miller doesn’t just bug me… he BUGS me.

The way he looks at me makes me feel like a teenager, but his blasé attitude makes me want to poke him in his gorgeous eyes.

We have a sleigh ride planned. We have Europe’s tallest Christmas tree on Parfield beach. A Hollywood superstar is switching on the lights. Snow is forecast.

But none of that matters to me anymore.

Because now I know what it means to truly love and miss someone…

And all I want this Christmas is the one thing I may never have…

My old army buddies used to call me ‘Scrooge’. But it’s not like I hate Christmas. It’s just harder for some people than others, and I figured that this year would be no different.

That’s until I meet her. Lilly Anderson. She’s the only reason I decided to move to Parfield three months ago. With her crazy laugh, heavenly curves and hypnotic hazel eyes, she adds so much life and beauty to the world around me and I can feel myself falling. Hard.

I can see a future with her. But there’s something I need to do. One last time…

And when I’m done I’ll do anything to make her dreams come true this Christmas…